License Agreement:


All beats/intrumentals are royalty free and by purchasing a beat/instrumental the customer has the license to:

- Sell & distribute up to 10,000 copies

- 1,000,000 audio streams (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.)

- 1,000,000 audio-visual streams (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

- License to perform at live events


Credit must be given to "Prod. By Grey Cray".


Please note that the purchase of a beat does not grant the customer exclusive rights to the beat and (Shaunak Rawat) will retain the right to sell the beat/instrumental to other customers.



Terms and Conditions:


By making a payment the customer declares that he/she is fully aware of all Terms & Conditions, agrees to, and accepts them.


Under no circumstances is a customer allowed to re-sell the beat/instrumental/song in any form. Rights given to customers are not transferable in any case.


Customers can not change the sound-structure of a beat/instrumental/song. Therefore it is not allowed to use any part of the beat/instrumental/song, i.e. instruments, sounds, drum arrangements, vocals, etc. of the original composition for other compositions.


After the delivery of the purchase, (Shaunak Rawat) will be unbound of any further responsibilities to the customer and legally free of further duties.


The purchase of a beat/instrumental/song is at the customer’s own risk. The website does NOT claim warranty of any kind, either express, implied, statutory or otherwise. The website makes no warranty that any errors or defects in the services or materials will be corrected.

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