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Rapper / Producer

A talented, self taught rapper and music producer, Shaunak has been deeply influenced by hip-hop culture. In the early years of his life, Hip-Hop took expression in his interest in B-boying and street art. Inspired by Eminem's music, his story of struggle and perseverance against all odds and the simple words of wisdom "You can do whatever you set your mind to." in Eminem's song "Lose Yourself", Shaunak vowed to excel in the genre and leave a legacy of genius and eminence. Over the years, rap has become a religious practice for him and considers this art of expression a means to seek insight into the nature of existence and reality.

He has been writing, producing, and performing rap songs for the last 5 years. His songs have garnered him accolades at college festivals and an ever growing fan base, which speak volumes about his skill and charisma.

Shaunak The Temple Grey Cray or just Grey Cray is an embodiment of one of Shaunak's beliefs - of the delicate balance the contrary yet co-exising paradoxes of life have created as our veritable reality. Therefore Grey Cray likes to stay neutral on his views about almost everything to the point of contradicting himself and taking sides. But unlike many conscious rappers, Grey Cray's aim is not to preach, rather it is to encourage his listeners to respect both sides of a coin, both the black and the white of things, for really it's all grey and the illusion of right and wrong are only the creations of the mind for the sake of mortal existence. Yet true to the paradoxical nature of things, he also likes to disrupt the very harmonious neutrality he seeks by adding a nihilistic element in his discourse.

His mother is a Mathematics scholar and professor in University of Delhi and his father is an artist involved in visual communication. Perhaps this combination of right and left brain traits in his genes makes him a seeker of a definite truth in the infinite Universe. ​

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